Sociology homework help

Create a 1 page essay paper that discusses Briefly discuss how any two Agents of Socialization have influenced your life.Through peers I understood how a person interacts with other people in the society. I also learned the differences of personalities that the people have in the society. What is encouraged by some individuals is considered offensive by others. Socializing with the peers taught me how to evaluate different personalities and how to interact with people in accordance with their likes and dislikes.The one instance when I experienced anticipatory socialization was when I moved to a new place with my family and I did not have any friends there. In anticipation to socialize with the people in that area, I understood about the way people interacted and the group activities that were done. I found out that the people were very congenial with each other. I personally did not encourage being very congenial with someone so soon therefore this was a conflicting scenario. However I started to adopt the ways in which the people interacted and ultimately became a part of the group of people in that

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