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Directions Getting Started:Interprofessional teams are part of practice trends we see developing in all aspects of care delivery. Consider you own work environment (or recent clinical setting). For this assignment, consider the concept of interprofessional teamwork and patient outcomes. Look to your current workplace as an example. (If you are not currently employed, look to […]

Economics homework help

Write an essay of around 20 pages (double-spaced, 12 pt. font) discussing ONE of the below topics.  As you’ll see, their variety represents the multi-disciplinary nature of our field.  I expect you to draw primarily on our class readings and discussions for this assignment, but you may also draw on relevant professional or personal experience, […]

Sociology homework help

Analysis on the Threats Defense Argument Overview The information you provided in your PowerPoint presentation on Threats to the Global Environment has led to productive debates at the United Nations General Assembly! Hence, they are now asking you to create an additional analysis report to respond to the issues raised in these debates. Your fourth […]

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Emotional Intelligence and Debilitative Emotions Each week, you will be asked to respond to the prompt or prompts in the discussion forum. Your initial post should be 75-150 words in length, and is due on Sunday. By Tuesday, you should respond to two additional posts from your peers. A friend came to you last week […]

>American history homework help

“Lorna” by Lynn Hershman-Leeson, 1972. (Week 12 Resource Page video) Lorna “Color Panel v. 1.0” by John Simon, 1999. (Week 11 slides) “Super Mario Clouds” by Cory Arcangle, 2002. (Week 11 slides) “America’s Got No Talent” by J. Bruckner-Cohen & K. Moriwaki (Week 11 slides) “Third Ear” by Stelarc, 2006 onward. (Week 15 slides and […]

Psychology homework help

 Topic: Issues in Professional Consultation and Supervision. Three double spaced APA formatted pages are required (not including your title page and reference pages). use textbook: The World of the Counselor by E. Neukrug (2016) 5th edition chapter 8 as well as the ACA Code of Ethics for this assignment.  No abstract is needed for this […]

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Essay (75 points) You must answer this essay question. Include at least 10 concepts from the textbook and at least 3 references to other required articles or videos. Scenario: You are CHRO at a large IT firm. Many employees are moonlighting (using company resources to work on side jobs), looking for work elsewhere, jockeying for […]

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For this discussion, select two of the following potential form fields and write the JavaScript you would use to validate or make the data entry easier for the visitor: U.S. phone number. Zip + 4. Social Security Number. A section that asks for the following: First Name. Last Name. Street Address. City. State. Zip Code. […]

Economics homework help

For Week 6 you will find two topics. Select one topic, then post and concisely defend your view. You may post to both topics, but are required to only select one for your initial post. Be careful to identify the positive reasons for your normative position. Read and respond to your fellow student’s postings at […]

Great Depression

How and why does the movie G-Men differ in content and tone from the earlier gangster movies?  Can the difference in the movie in any manner be explained by the circumstances of the Great Depression at that time?  In answering this you need to place the movie (1935) in the political and social context of […]