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Professional Research Paper Writers The writers we have to offer range from MA & Ph.D. level graduates to university professors. More than 80% of customers come back for help with other assignments. Whether it’s Art History or Political Science – we will help you get an A+. Select from a list of professional writers to […]

8 Most Effective Time Management Tips for Students

The new academic year has started, remotely or in the lecture hall, and that means studying. If you got through exams last year stressed and ran into unattainable deadlines, it’s not a bad idea to better manage your time this year to avoid that tension. Get better at time management, or time management, and organize your days […]

A guide to writing in APA

In October 2019, APA presented the 7th edition of its Publication Manual which replaces the 6th edition published in 2009. The new standards seek to keep up with the changes that have taken place in the academic world, where the citation of online material has become more common, the search for an inclusive language has […]

Criminal homework help

Your company is considering a decision of relocating to another country. You have been given the job of researching different alternatives for relocation. Your report will help the board decide where to relocate, and will help the employees know what to expect in a new country. The company is considering Costa Rica, Saudi Arabia, and […]

Design an experiment. Provide a detailed description of the materials and methods used to conduct the experiment. Identify control and experimental samples, as well as independent and dependent variables. Also include the methods used for data collection and analysis (20 points). 4

1. Title page: descriptive title, your name, course name, semester 2. Introduction: general background information about enzymes and specific information about your chosen enzyme, the question(s) that you are asking and a clear hypothesis for your experiment (20 points). 3. Design an experiment. Provide a detailed description of the materials and methods used to conduct the […]

Operations Management homework help

Good cash management is impossible without an analysis of the cash collections and cash disbursements of a company. Cash budgets provide a gauge for determining credit, disbursement, and discount policies. Cash budgets are effective control devices for monitoring cash and determining financing requirements. Cash budgets are essential to all small businesses. In this assignment, you are required […]

>Literature homework help

PART I: Précis Select 2 relevant sources for examination. Both should be scholarly/peer-reviewed. Read carefully looking for main conclusions and the evidence to support those conclusions. Write a short paragraph for each source following the rhetorical précis model found on pp. 212 of the Guide to First-Year Writing. Due in class: PART II: Annotated Bibliography Select 3 […]

Nursing homework help

Please answer the following questions regarding cost-effectiveness analysis, cost-utility analysis, and the perfect health care system. Give an original example of a situation in which cost-effectiveness analysis and cost-utility analysis would give you contrary results. Substantiate your answer. Suppose you had the opportunity to organize the perfect healthcare system. Explain how you would organize the […]

Psychology homework help

When choosing a research design, the design to use depends on your social problem, research problem, gap in the literature, and the research question you’re asking. For this Discussion, you will work a bit backwards as you will be given a design and then you provide an explanation of that design, when it would be […]

Management homework help

Instructions Assignment 4 – Employee Risks (PO4, CO2, ILO.SK3, BIS2, IS1, AL1, CL1, DL5) Assignment Instructions For this assignment you analyze which employee risks you anticipate and the measures you will take to protect your business (Stand alone Barbershop is the business) and yourself, even if you employ temporary or independent contractors. Anyone you pay money […]

Human Resource Management homework help

This week you learned about motivation within the workplace. Having an unmotivated staff can lead to turn-over, low morale, and low productivity. Consider your current workplace and assume you have just been granted $25k to help improve motivation within the workplace. Explain how you would put this money to use.  I work in an inspections […]

Nursing homework help

Caregiver Quick Reference Guide This assignment requires you to pull together the work you did for the assignments in Units 2, 5, 6, and 9. The objective is to fully synthesize the material in layperson’s terms so a caregiver or significant other could grasp it readily and use it as a quick reference guide. Your successful […]

Government homework help

 **ANSWER THIS QUESTION 250 WORDS MIN** Discussion Questions: Putting politics aside, how should the United States best address immigration now? What about in the next five years? What about the next ten years? (Note: there should be NO discussion of political parties). **REPLY TO EACH POST 100 WORDS MIN EACH** 1. The U.S. and Mexico border […]