American LIT

Mid term American LIT

  • This is a formal essay and should be formatted according to APA guidelines. Review the APA Format link (go to “Start Here” and then “Course Resources”) if you need assistance in creating a title page, headers, citations, or a References page. You do not need to include an abstract.
  • Write a 750-word (minimum) essay addressing one of the topics described below. You must meet the minimum word count to get full credit. Do not include the title page or references page in your word count calculation.
  • Your essays must include quotes from each text used to get full credit. Be sure to quote, cite, and reference from the text(s) using appropriate APA format.
  • You can obtain additional writing help by reviewing the material in the Essay Tutorial link (click on “Start Here” and then “Course Resources”) or the KeiserOnline Writing Lab (OWL).
  • Save your essay as Microsoft Word document

Reminder: No research is allowed for this class. Use only the course lectures and the materials listed below to address the questions below.

Topic 2: Choose any song you wish (contemporary is fine). Look up the lyrics using a website such as or (Make sure to cite the source you use!). Identify all of the components below:

  1. at least two of the following: alliteration, personification, metaphor, or personification;
  2. rhyme scheme; and
  3. imagery

IMPORTANT: If your song does not have all of the components above, choose a different song.

Be sure to use quotes and examples from the song. Be sure to cite the song according to APA and cite all quotes using APA format. You will find information about citing a song on the APA Format page.

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