Asian Americans in the U.S. Historical and Political Process

Asian Americans in the U.S. Historical and Political Process
Your essay should be three to five typewritten pages in length, 12-point font, double spaced (Times New Roman or Courier New). You should submit your essay a word file to canvas. Essay sent to my email will not be graded. Late papers will not be graded and will result in zero point.
The essay will be evaluated on the basis of the following:
1.Responds to the problem.
The problems have no single correct answer, but the better responses utilize the major historical/political development(s) referenced in the problem and appropriate rhetorical strategies, i.e., definition, explanation, comparison-contrast, etc.
2.Makes good use of the readings.
Avoid direct quotation from the texts and any other source. Paraphrase and summarize using your own words. You do not need MLA or any other quotation format. All words in your essay should be yours.
3.Has a clear and complete thesis.
This is a sentence that contains the purpose of your essay.  It names your subject and makes a statement about the subject.  It briefly presents what you will develop in the following paragraphs that constitute the essay.
4.Exhibits organization and coherence.
The purpose is accomplished with a clear, logical sequence of supporting points, and each part of the essay supports the purpose.
5.Utilizes well-crafted sentences and paragraphs.
Make the effort to proof read and revise for spelling, grammar and syntax.  Verify that each paragraph has one idea expressed in a topic sentence with appropriate supporting sentences.
Explain 1) how slavery was entrenched in the southern economy, politics and culture; 2) how the plantation class tried to justify slavery system and 3) how African Americans tried to maintain their identity, gain dignity and freedom. (The time frame is from the early 17th century to 1860. You have to address these three issues.)
Again, Do not quote at all. Your essay should not have any quotation. Your paper does not need “references cited.” All wording has to be yours.  Any quoted phrase will cause 5 point deduction each. You must have your own thesis and use data (facts) from the text to support your thesis. Be analytical, not descriptive. Plagiarism will seriously negatively affect your grade. More than 10 turnitin point will result in zero point.
Send word file or PDF file through canvas (assignment section). Late papers will not be accepted (zero point). Papers sent to my email will not be accepted.

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