BIO9 Human Biology Term Project

BIO9 Human Biology Term Project
1. Being able to understand and analyze information in the media.
2. Stimulate critical thinking and curiosity.
3. Being able to carry out bibliographical research.
4. Being able to write in a clear and precise way ideas and scientific information.
What the term project will consist of?
1. Find a news article (New York Times, Science Daily, BBC News or a different source) about some topic related to human biology that interests you.
2. Come up with a question related to that topic. The questions must be interesting enough so you can write a short paper based on it.
3. Attend the following library workshops: B, P and W ( workshops will help you to use the available resources to find scientific articles.
4. Write a paper that provides an answer to your question based on the information found in scientific articles.
What should the paper include?
1. A short summary of the news article you based your question on (no longer than half a page).
2. The question you want to answer in relation to the news article.
3. The answer to your question (2-4 pages). Include a conclusion.
4. Bibliography (at least three scientific articles).
What format should the paper have?
 The paper needs to be typed, double-spaced and in 12 font.
How will the paper be evaluated?
1. Creativity: Is your question interesting enough that allows you to write a paper on it? (20 pts.)
2. Clear summary of the new article: Can I understand the main points of the news article by reading your summary? (10 pts.)
3. Do you answer the posed question? (15 pts.)
4. Does your paper have a sound conclusion? (20 pts.)
5. Did you use and cite in the proper way scientific articles? Did you attend the three library workshops? (15 pts.)
6. Is your paper written in a clear manner that makes use of proper grammar? (20 pts.)
**The news article you have chosen must be submitted by October 27th**
**The paper is due on December 3rd**

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