Conflict Mgmt and Resolution

Final Presentations 

This assignment will be submitted to Turnitinâ„¢.


Please see instructions and grading rubric. 

The Final Presentation is due May 1, 2023 by 11:59 PM!!

Due Date

May 1, 2023 11:59 PM


Conflict in Popular Culture Presentation_Grade … (24.16 KB)

Conflict in Pop Culture Presentation Grading Sheet


Students will identify a popular culture element that deals with or portrays conflict. Topics have to relate back to public administration and MUST be approved by the instructor. The popular culture element could be a movie, documentary, show episode, or podcast. Once the popular culture element is approved by the professor, the students will use that element to create a digital presentation (7-10 minutes). The presentation should be between 7 to 10 minutes.


Students ARE NOT allowed to present an assignment that has already been uploaded for other class assignments.


The presentation should include: (a) a general review of the popular culture element, (b) three sections in the presentation where direct and substantive linkages are made between elements in the course and topics from the selected culture element, (c) a discussion of how analyzing the popular culture element impacted the student’s understanding of conflict management and resolution.


Presentations will be developed within the Panopto environment, and presentations should be uploaded no later than Monday, May 1, 2023 by 11:59 Pm. This assignment is worth (100) points. Presentations and engagement will be graded based on the elements listed on the fourth page of this grading sheet.


1.      Be mindful of the visual dimension of presentations, as well as the requirement to include at least one graphic or picture.


2.      Given that this is an online course, students have to develop a presentation that works within an online environment. I require students to use the Panopto platform. Detailed instructions on how to record and upload the assignment are below.


3.      Students should have a Powerpoint to accompany the presentation so that the audience can keep up. At minimum the PowerPoint should include:


·         Intro Slide- name, class, title of project

·         General Review

·         Linkage #1

·         Linkage #2

·         Linkage #3

·         Discussion of Analysis

·         Conclusion


4.      Students are strongly encouraged to do a “practice presentation” prior to the formal presentation. Keep in mind the key components to elaborate on AND the time limit.


Panopto Instructions



1.      Click the assignment “Conflict Presentation” in Dropbox.

2.      Scroll down to the “comment section. Directly under the word “comment” you will see an icon called “insert stuff” (This icon is black with a white arrow/triangle). Click on the icon.

3.      Scroll down to the bottom and click on Panopto Student Submission.

4.      Click on Record.

5.      Click Capture Browser (the first option).

6.      Once you have completed the recording, select Choose. Allow enough time for the video to process. You can also edit the video as you see fit (see Panopto tutorial).

7.      Select the video that you will be uploading, scroll to the bottom and click Insert.

8.      Click Insert (on the left hand-side).

9.      Save and Close.

*The Global Online help team has suggested using Google Chrome to log in to E-Learn to minimize problems with the Panopto presentation. Be sure that you grant me permission to view the presentation.




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