Create a campaign     slide to encourage sustainable use of the product

Chose a processed product (e.g., computer, Styrofoam product,   plastic product, diapers, or vehicle tires) and create a 15-slide   PowerPoint to answer the following questions:

  1. History: what is the product, where has it been used, who used     it first?
  2. How is it made?: include items needed for     production and steps in the process
  3. What impact does making     the product have on the environment? Hint look at: pollution of air,     water, habitat loss…
  4. What is being done to making     the product sustainable? (Hint: Is there a company with a     sustainability plan? Look for efforts on reusing, recycling, plans     to replant if product components are renewable, etc.)
  5. What     is the future outlook of the product?
  6. Create a campaign     slide to encourage sustainable use of the product

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