Describe two initiatives or methods for addressing the nursing shortage.

I need a presentation about this question Describe two initiatives or methods for addressing the nursing shortage. One of them is Develop student externship programs and nurse residency program for a conference with 4 power point slides with references. Some tips from the are

1. The information in your slideshow should demonstrate that you have done research on the topic. The research can come from your text book. Please try to avoid using general internet searches (Google) to get your information. If you use a paraphrase, summary or direct quote in your slideshow, please insert an in-text citation and a reference page at the end of your presentation. In order to make your points clear, you can use examples from other experiences that team members have had.
2. Use PowerPoint to create your presentation. You can choose a background that you find appropriate. Remember to keep your slides easy to read with relatively large font size and not too much text. An easy way to do this is to keep bullet points to 6 or less and to avoid using paragraphs on your slides. If you would like to use graphics, animation, or sound, that is fine, just make sure that they do not overpower the speakers.

Please not overpopulate the power point 

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