Design your own table for sharing your hard and soft skills.

Great a job skill list information.before submitting your skills
list. Design your own table for sharing your hard and soft skills.
On the Job Skills List Info. Here is an example.
Use a separate sheet for each job.
JOB TITLE: Operations Manager for UNI-SELECT USA

Hard Skills

Soft Skills

Computer generated inventory control: Used
computer software to track and generate inventory turnover figures
and adjust accordingly.

Leadership: Worked with and directly supervised
20 employees. Team leader in many courses while enrolled in EDCC.
Marketing team leader in Project Management, responsible for
implementing a sustainable marketing plan for Wallingford

Certificates in vehicle emissions, electrical, and
brakes: I hold certifications from Raybestos Brakes, and
Niehoff ignition and emission.

Ability to remain calm under pressure: I work
well with deadlines and targets. I am able to see the long term
goals while remaining focused on the immediate situation.

Data entry: Daily entry of store operations
including inventory, P&L,and sales forecasting.

Able to empathize with people: As a manager I
would often times need to be able to understand an employees or a
customers position on an issue and be able to work out an agreeable

Cash balancing: End of day balancing for each

Motivated: I continually strive to attain
higher goals and transfer that attitude to the employees around me.
I have recently received my ATA in Business Management and my
Project Management Certification in order to advance my career

Call center operations: Answered and assisted
employees with customer orders, questions, and complaints.

Time management skills: I used time management
on a daily basis, it was crucial in being able to operate two
different locations. Time management was also extensively used
while in college.

ATA Degree in Business Management, Project Management
Certification: Acquired at Edmond Community College

Able to communicate effectively: I believe that
in my professional, personal, and academic situations I have been
able to effectively communicate my intentions and expectations to
and of others.

Knowledge of MS Word and Excel: used
extensively while completing my degree and certification at

Team player: As a manager I have always had a
team to lead and sometimes learn from. Also as a student you must
work in a team atmosphere either as a member or leader. I have had
the pleasure to work with and lead a number of diverse teams.

It is a Google document that is shared as an example only. You
will need to create your own document/table that shares your
It is advised that you create a job skills list for each of your
previous positions. For your assignment submission, you only need
to submit ONE list that shows the skills from ONE of your previous

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