Discuss the AIDA concept and its relationship to the promotional mix

Discuss the AIDA concept and its relationship to the promotional mix. The AIDA model outlines the four basic stages in the purchase decision-making process, which are initiated and propelled by promotional activities: (1) attention, (2) interest, (3) desire, and (4) action. The components of the promotional mix have varying levels of influence at each stage of the AIDA model. Advertising is a good tool for increasing awareness and knowledge of a good or service. Sales promotion is effective when consumers are at the purchase stage of the decision-making process. Personal selling is most effective in developing customer interest and desire. Questions 5.1 Discuss the AIDA concept. How do these different stages of consumer involvement affect the promotional mix? 5.2 How does a Web site’s ease of use affect its ability to create attention, interest, desire, and action? Visit the kitchen and bath pages of Kohler’s Web site (http:// www.kohler.com) and determine how successful the company is at moving consumers through the AIDA process.

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