Discuss the two main hypotheses that have been used to explain the origin and dispersal of modern humans.

Homework Directions:

· You will answer 4 short answer/essay questions, each worth 5 points.

· The questions will draw primarily from your textbook.

· Each answer should be approximately 200 words, its not an exact science, but if you’re only writing a sentence or two you are not going into enough detail, or answering the entire question.

· When answering questions that ask for a definition, do not use a quote from the book to give that definition! Put the answer in your own words to show you understand what is being asked.

· Use quotations sparingly. Answers that are quote after quote do not show understanding or analysis and will be marked down.

· Do not use bullet points, graphs, charts or other methods to answer.  You need to write out your analysis/answer to show me you understand the material.

· Any quotes or outside sources need to be appropriately cited.

· All answers need to be written at a college level with appropriate spelling, punctuation and grammar.

· You will be turning all of your homework in through the TurnItIn. So remember, if you cheat, it will catch you!


1. Discuss the evolutionary trends in the genus Homo. Start with the transition from early Homo to Homo erectus and end with the Neandertals. Be sure to include the temporal and geographic distributions of the various species of Homo.

2. Discuss the two main hypotheses that have been used to explain the origin and dispersal of modern humans.

3. What is the adaptive value of dark skin tones in equatorial regions such as Africa? What evolutionary pressure caused a lightening of skin tones away from this area?

4.Explain the way a woman’s diet during pregnancy can have an impact on her future child and grandchildren.

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