Explore the process of using gel electrophoresis to analyze DNA samples. 

Lab 9

DNA Analysis via Gel Electrophoresis




Introduction:  Gel electrophoresis is an important analytical technique in the fields of chemistry and biochemistry.  In this virtual experiment, we will explore the process of using gel electrophoresis to analyze DNA samples.  Your report for this lab should be submitted to the Lab 9 dropbox by the last day of the unit.  Have fun!


Experiment:   Go to http://learn.genetics.utah.edu/units/biotech/gel/ and slowly begin to work through the gel electrophoresis virtual lab, taking careful notes.  Estimated time required:  1 hour.  In your lab report, answer the following prompts in complete, well developed sentences.  Be sure to paraphrase the prompts themselves into your responses, so that your answers make sense.


1)      What is gel electrophoresis?

2)      What is the purpose of using an electrical current in this procedure?

3)      What are the five basic steps to running a gel?

4)      Explain how the gel is made.

5)      Explain how the gel electrophoresis apparatus is assembled.

6)      Explain what it means to “stain” a gel.

7)      Explain how the stained gel is analyzed.


Making Connections:




8)      Next, conduct a brief internet search to identify at least two real world applications of gel electrophoresis.  Explain these applications in at least one well-developed paragraph each.  Include your references.

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