How did you feel about learning the current literacy levels in the U.S.?

With today’s evolving world of technology, we sometimes forget that basic literacy skills are not what they should be across the nation.  Conduct research regarding the general literacy skills across the U.S. today. You must use at least three peer review academic articles in addition to the course textbook. The articles should be at least three pages in length and no more than three years old. 

                     Report on the following in your review.   
1) What is the status of the literacy skills in the U.S. today?  
2) How did you feel about learning the current literacy levels in the U.S.?  
3) What did the articles suggest as a measure to tackle this problem?  
4) Are there literacy programs in your community? Explain.  
5) Do you feel technology has helped or hampered our literacy skills? Explain.  
6) Do you agree with the author’s recommendations? Why, or why not?  
7) How do literacy skills affect your current position (as an employee or as a student)?  
8) How do literacy skills affect management’s responsibilities towards training? 
Your introduction, discussion of the questions, and summary should be a minimum of four completely full pages in length. The abstract, references, and title page do not count towards the minimum four pages length. Use proper APA formatting for all sources, including articles and the textbook.

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