Human Anatomy Unit

Instructions:  Read the entire case presented below.  In a CONCISE statement (1 -1.5 pages) answer the questions following.  This is expected to be you OWN work and not plagiarized in any way.  It is important to pull information from other reliable resources, and they should be properly cited in your paper.


Case:Much to his dismay your close friend finds out that he must undergo some dental work to address a cavity in one of his left lower teeth.  Being the good friend that you are, you offer to take him to the dentist and use you knowledge of anatomy to answer any questions he may have.  The first question your friend asks is about pain.  He has been experiencing a lot of pain from the cavity, and is worried that the dental work will hurt even more.  After the procedure your friend has some concerns because his mouth feels very dry, and the left side of his tongue feels numb (symptoms you failed to mention).  He gets even angrier when you stop for a milkshake and he complains that it “tastes like rubber!”  After sending that milkshake back and getting another one that “tastes like rubber”, you speculate that it may not be the milkshake’s fault (it tastes fine to you).  You attempt to calm your friend down and explain the symptoms he is suffering from and that they will wear off with the anesthetic.


Goal:In the following report explain the nervous innervation to the lower teeth (use appropriate anatomical terminology).  Assuming that the anesthetic also blocked nervous transmission to anatomically related structures, explain your friend’s loss of feeling in the tongue, dry mouth and change in taste.  Also explain why your friend did not lose motor function to the tongue when he lost sensation.

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