In what ways does this new paradigm help organizations realize a human-based competitive advantage?

Question 1: 1 page
Considering the changes impacting many different industries, some companies are forced or eager to operate at a global level.  Please discuss some implications and challenges globalization presents to HR professionals within a particular industry of your choice. Provide industry-specific examples portraying your understanding of global challenges HR teams may face within that particular arena.
Question 2: 1 page
Place yourself in the position of general manager of a service department. How might formally written job requirements help you to manage your work unit?
Question 3: 2 page at least
While many organizations are sold on the idea that strategic HRM adds value, a much smaller percentage acts on that belief (see the “Eye on the Goal” feature in chapter 1 of the text for a more detailed discussion of this point-see below). However, HR is sometimes to blame for the doubts and suspicions that organizational decision makers have about the contributions of human assets to the bottom line. Strategic HR planning is at the core of the much-needed changes and developments in the new HR paradigm.
Address the following:

Define the current predominant paradigm for HR.
Discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the current      paradigm. (At least 3 each)
What is the new paradigm for HR?
In what ways does this new paradigm help organizations      realize a human-based competitive advantage? (Offer 2-3 ways. Be      specific.)
What are some practical steps for HR to transform      itself and enhance its contributions to organizational success and effectiveness?

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