List the attributes of the Kodak brand.

Unquestionably, Kodak is one of most recognized brands in the United States and the world. For over a century, Kodak was known as the company that brought the technology of photography into the everyday, aptly summed up in the tag line, “Celebrate the Moments of Your Life.” Grocery stores, convenient stores, and camera stores contained aisles full of little yellow boxes of Kodak film in every possible speed. But after Kodak invented the digital camera, the company was faced with the challenge of leveraging the equity of its brand in a new competitive market— one that didn’t include film. Questions 1. Using Exhibit 10.1 as a guide, create a diagram that organizes the Kodak products mentioned in the video. How are changes in the company’s product mix necessitating changes to the way managers market Kodak’s offerings? 2. List the attributes of the Kodak brand. What benefits of branding has the company experienced over time? Have there been pitfalls to having a brand with such strong associations? 3. Describe the functions of packaging of a disposable camera.

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