Master of project management Capstone Project Over overview


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Start creating a project management plan. Add the following sections:

  • Executive Overview [Author] – much of this information is based on your business case, project charter and the scope statement. Write a brief paragraph that summarizes specific information required for the executives reading the document. This brief profile states what the project is, what you intend to do, and how. This summary will convey a lasting impression of you and your company, and lets others assess your chances of success.
    • Remember, you want to entice customers to consider your plan and show your skills at being effective in managing a project. It is also important to be innovative especially in situations where the project’s need does not fit within the traditional guidelines of project management (outlined in the PMBOK® Guide). The following information should be included based on your previous project charter and scope statement with any updates necessary for the project plan.
      • Summary overview of project description
      • Project planned start and end dates
      • Business need and benefits
      • Project stakeholders
      • Project milestones
      • Planned overall budget
    • Background – Research the Internet or other sources to identify the background information on the client and/or product. Provide any historical information available on the project that might be helpful for the project stakeholders’ knowledge (for example, type of business, client customers, product and service offerings, etc.). Discuss any subtle nuances that are different and needs to be addressed by the project team specifically if a new way of managing the project is required for the industry selected.
    • Objective – Use your objective statement from the project charter. Remember that it is a quantifiable statement, establishing the criteria that must be met for the project to be considered successful. The objective should be stated as: To… do something… by month xx, year.
  • Scope Statement [Author] Using information from the project charter, create a project scope statement that provides the scope for the project.
    • Based on the requirements, deliverables, assumptions, and constraints identified by the stakeholders.
    • Discuss complexities related to the scope especially ones driven by project need, industry, stakeholders or any other project constraint
  • Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) [Author] build your project work breakdown structure 3 levels, which should be used to build your project schedule in Week 5.
  • Organization Breakdown Structure (OBS) [Author] this section should define the type of project organizational structure your team selects for the overall project (functional, project, matrix) and describe the advantages and disadvantages of this structure to justify why it is best for this type of project. The team will develop a project organizational chart based on the selected structure and identify the core project team and any other human resources assigned to the project (by name, title, or role). Every team member identified in the resource requirements should be included in this structure.
  • Responsibility Assignment Matrix (RAM) [Author] – show a table of your responsibility assignment matrix for each assigned role and resource, as well as each project stakeholder.


  • List the team member(s) who write each section in the [Author] area next to the section title. Ensure you add an appropriate title page, table of contents, and reference page.
  • All project deliverables must be submitted by each team member.

While you will not be required to submit your resources until Week 5, start determining what resources will be needed to keep your project on track.

This week, you will also create the project scope statement.

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