Most of you have probably wanted to know more about a topic in nutrition.  This is your chance to do so.  So choose a topic that is of interest to you but the topic has to relate to nutrition.   This is a nutrition class not a health class. For example, you can discuss heart disease as long as you include nutrition and its effect on the cardiovascular system.   But you can’t do the paper on just heart disease.  You can discuss colon cancer as long as you include nutrition and its effect on getting colon cancer   But you can’t do the paper on just colon cancer.

Research the topic (you need at least 3 sources) and follow the format provided below for the Nutrition Paper.

INTRODUCTION – why you chose this topic, what was of interest to you.

PURPOSE – what you specifically wanted to learn about this topic

MAIN BODY – the information you acquired about this topic

CONCLUSION – summary of what you wrote in the main body,  not new information

BIBLIOGRAPHY:  references you used

Be sure to label each section separately.  Points will be deducted if the above format is not followed.

The length of the Introduction and Purpose should be at least 2 paragraphs each (4 sentences each).  The main body should be at least 12 paragraphs (5 sentences each).  The conclusion should be 3 paragraphs (4 sentences each).   The conclusion should be a summary of what you learned, not new information that is being added.

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