Personal Development Portfolio Skills Assessment Template

Personal Development Portfolio Skills Assessment Template: 6 COLUMNSSkills/aptitudes that an effective marketing researcher requires An assessment of my ability:weak developing good very goodEvidence to support this assessmentOutline strategies to improve on your current positionWeek 8 reflection:How you consider that this module has addressed each of these skills requirementsThe next year ahead:Outline what you need to do in the next 12 months in order to address the skills gaps that still exist. Detail the resources you will employ and the measures you will take in order to meet your needs.Throughout the past 8 weeks, you have been exposed to and deliberated on a lot of theory and ideas surrounding the subject of marketing research.Whether you are an experienced marketing researcher or are newer to the field, regardless of your level of experience, this week you will consider your growth as a marketing research professional.Looking back on the Week 3 PDP exercise, you were asked to demonstrate the marketing research skills you currently possessed, determine which skills you needed to develop, and outline strategies you intended to use over the course of the module to acquire these requisite skills. For this final part of your PDP, you will examine how far you have come, and set new goals for the next year.IN 1500 WORDS. ALSO COMPLETE ALL COLUMNS.Using the same Skills Assessment Template that you used and submitted in Week 3, you will now focus on completing the final two columns (columns 5 and 6) of the template, for each skill/aptitude you listed in column 1 back in Week 3.In column 5, reflect honestly and openly on the past 8 weeks, and determine whether or not this Module has helped you address the skills gaps you identified in Week 3.Then, in column 6, propose a long-term strategy to fill in the skills gaps that you believe still exist in your marketing research knowledge after having completed this module. In addition, propose ways in which you can address these gaps in the coming 12 months. It is important that you not only identify the skills deficiencies, but that you also provide detail on how these can be addressed.

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