Revealed the structural basis of plant hexokinase

Revealed the structural basis of plant hexokinase

Carbohydrates provide energy for plant growth and development, but also can serve as signaling molecules regulating the expression of genes related to plant photosynthesis. Carbohydrate metabolism and signal transduction by a series of enzymatically catalysed, Arabidopsis hexokinase (AtHXK1) plays an important role in glycolysis and sugar signal transduction in plants. Therefore, the structure and function of AtHXK1 great significance to reveal the plants sugar metabolism and signal transduction dual function.

Recently, the Laboratory of Photobiology Institute of Botany AtHXK1 resolved crystal structure of three kinds of states. Wherein, the bound and unbound crystal structure of the substrate reveals AtHXK1 of “substrate-induced fit” mechanism, mutant binding crystal structure of the substrate revealed conformational AtHXK1 perform sugar signaling function, and biochemical experiments prove Human Leptin ELISA Kit substrate binding follow an orderly mechanism. The study is the first to reveal the plant hexokinase structures and by means of structural biology, protein elaborated HXK1 operating mode.

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