Urologic Concerns in the Maturing and Older Adult

Week 6: Urologic Concerns in the Maturing and Older Adult Discussion

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Men and women both can experience urologic concerns with aging. This week’s presentations and readings covered urologic concerns and common problems. Utilize the national guidelines and scholarly references to develop your responses.

Urinary Tract Infections

· What risk factors contribute to the development of a UTI in men versus women?

· In which sex is a UTI more concerning and why?

· It is important to know when to treat a UTI and when not to treat. Is there a particular situation where you would not treat a UTI?



As a provider it is essential for you to know to interpret DRE findings and what your next step should be. The American Urology Association has specific recommendations based on age. Be sure you know these because the guidelines will guide your patient counseling and treatment plan.

· What does the AUA state about drawing PSA levels?

· If you do decide to draw a level what specific counseling should you include in your education today?

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