What are this leader’s functions, roles and responsibilities within his/her organization?

Your report must give detailed information and should be approximately 2-3 pages in length. Use APA Style, and be sure you provide in text citations. You should have at least one outside resource. If you select a leader from your own organization, an interview with this leader whom you selected is considered a resource. Cite this interview as you would any other resource. Specifically, your report should include the following points: • Identify and describe the organization. • Identify the leader you have selected. o What are this leader’s functions, roles and responsibilities within his/her organization? o Why do you admire this leader? • Explain what type of impact the leader has had on the organization or on the business world. • Describe how this leader might use the five practices of exemplary leadership. • What decision making and problem solving skills does/has this leader use in his/her organization for conflict resolution and vision sharing? Are different skills needed in each scenario? • What leadership model does this leader follow? Does this model account for changes in globalization and workforce diversity? How have globalization and workforce diversity impacted the way this individual leads the organization? • What challenges has this leader faced and how did he/she handle them? • How is your leadership style similar (or different than) to the leader your selected? How are they different? • What can you learn from this leader’s experiences?

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