What concerns should be understood about data communications being sent over wireless networks? Discuss the pros and cons of one method of transmission, such as Wireless Application Protocol

What concerns should be understood about data communications being sent over wireless networks? Discuss the pros and cons of one method of transmission, such as Wireless Application Protocol (Search the Internet for help in wireless networks). 
• Students are required to post one original response to the discussion questions each week, as well as a response to one classmate. Original responses should not be a word for word rehashing of what is stated in the readings, but rather an integration of the concepts and additional insights, either from real world experience or additional sources. It should be a 250 word response to the question each week by 11 p.m. on Wednesday evening. Your primary posting may end with a tag-line or a related question of your own. Between 1 a.m. on Thursday and 11 p.m. on Saturday, you should have done your secondary posting. Your secondary posting is a response to one classmate’s post. Each answer/response should be supported with research. Responses to classmates should not be “I agree” or “I like the way you stated that.” These responses should again be insightful, offering an opinion or facts based on your research and experiences. The response to one classmate should be a minimum of 200 words. See APA criteria for citing resources. You must provide a minimum of a reference, in APA format, in your original response.
Reply to one friend: 200 words
Mobility concerns an individual and an association on request. It is connected with the correct data at the right time and in the ideal place. In the end, versatility can change the way we overcome the Internet. Offering portability is not just about remote devices and systems. It is really about associating people – interfacing them, with their work, their homes and their game – and supporting their experience without thinking about what innovation is used. Thus, the final product is a constant involvement of the client with all the old expulsion limits. The Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) has been proposed as a superior approach to mobility for a matching conventions agreement to allow and institutionalize routes for remote devices to obtain data from the systems and show them in their programs. The WAP characterizes the servers, called “ports”, which intervene with wired and remote systems and offer a certain addition of administration to remote systems. Using the WAP, you can talk to any working framework. (Kargl, F., Lawrence E., Fischer M., and Lim Y. Y, 2001). 
Businesses all over the world are mechanizing the dissemination and sharing of information, data and applications progressively. This requires a key agreement that guarantees the protection, privacy, verticality and accessibility of their data frameworks, foundation support and other academic resources. In the transition from the internet business to the advanced economy the significant barrier, the lack of trust must be expelled. Thus, the issue of information security is the best concern when organizing an extended data confirmation procedure. (Pitarokoilis S. K. Mohammed E. G. Larsson, 2009)
Security is an innovation capable of strengthening and invalidating. Its motivation is to make the correspondence and exchanges in a secure domain accountable without fear of negotiation, while in the meantime debilitating exercises that are not honest and of goodness and access to data and offices. Non-genuine exercises incorporate listening in secret, claiming to be another meeting (otherwise called imposing or mocking), or confusing information in the middle of the broadcast. All in all, these exercises are unsatisfactory or illicit outside the advanced condition, so security supports the present in this sense. Due to all these factors, sensitive issues or information are not transferred via the wireless application protocol.

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