What skills and training did the brothers have and need for running Plato’s Diner?

1.    What skills and training did the brothers have and need for running Plato’s Diner? What would you have recommended they do to acquire these skills before they entered this business? (Chapter 1, skills; Chapter 7, training and development off and on the job) 2.    Describe the brothers’ strategy in their business and their general approach to the human resource management function of their business. What are some problems whit this HRM approach given their strategy? (Chapter 1, past/present view of HRM; line managers’ responsibilities; Chapter 2, strategy)3.    Examine the organization’s current organization chart (Exhibit B-1). What are some of the problems with this structure, and how does it impact employee behavior? (Chaoter2, structure)4.    Examine the organization’s culture. What are the beliefs, values, and assumptions that drive this culture, and how does this culture impact employee behavior? (Chapter 2, culture)5.    This is a family business where the brothers work 14-hours shifts, 7 days a week, and serve as cooks while the rest of the family pitches in to both operate and manage the restaurant. At the same time, waitresses clean and work the cash register. How might job analysis and job design help the family better understand the pros and cons of this approach? (Chapter 2, job analysis/job design)6.    Dean and Chris had very different leadership styles and discipline techniques. How effective was Chris’s approach to discipline, and what recommendations would you have both Chris and Dean when disciplining employees? (Chapter 9, discipline)7.    Describe the current compensation system used by Chris and Dean for the waitresses, bus boys, and dishwashers. How might you restructure the compensation system to better motivate employees given Chris and Deane’s business strategy? (Chapter 11, compensation management; Chapter 12, incentive pay)

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