Which campus building used the least energy today? General service building


Section #:

1. Ted Talk – Summarize what you learned about the positive steps that are being taken to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

2. Review each of the following websites and explain what you learned.

a. Breathing Earth http://www.breathingearth.net/

I learned that climate change plays a big part in life aspects such as science, generation,

b. Carbon Trends


c. Climate Time Machine


d. The Changing Artic


3. Go to the UW-Stout Energy Dashboard (use Internet Explorer browser): http://buildingdashboard.net/uwstout/#/uwstout

a. Which campus building used the most energy today?

Merle price commons

b. Which campus building used the least energy today?

General service building

c. Which actions will you take to decrease your use of energy?

I will use less of heat

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