Which e-ecommerce revenue model can be adopted? Why?

Read the following case and then answer questions
Hassan and Ali are thinking to develop their own business
online. They want to develop a functioning website for selling used
books as they believe that there is no online store yet that sells
second hand books here in UAE specially that there are many
universities. Hassan and Ali realize that there are many online
book stores (outside UAE) which sell new books but they are
thinking to provide different unique services which are not
provided by others. Hassan said: “We want to attract customers
based on our differentiated image and unique style of operating.
We’re looking to be something a little different!”.
1. Which e-commerce model can be implemented? Why? (2 marks)
2. Which e-ecommerce revenue model can be adopted? Why? (2
3. Which online payment method they can provide and why? (2
4. Which online marketing methods can be used to market
business/website (2 marks)
5. What unique features and website functionality that Hassan
and Ali can have to make their online business different from other
websites (2 marks)

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