Which of the following elements is NOT a core component of DNA?

Question 21 (2 points)

Question 21 Unsaved

The site of protein synthesis in the cell is ___________________________.

Question 21 options:

A ) the mitochondria
B ) the nucleus
C ) the Golgi apparatus
D ) the ribosomes

Question 22 (2 points)

Question 22 Unsaved

The diffusion of water through a selectively permeable membrane is called

Question 22 options:

A ) facilitated diffusion
B ) active transport
C ) osmosis
D ) phagocytosis
E ) endocytosis


Question 23 (2 points)

Question 23 Unsaved

If you place a dialysis tubing permeable only to water filled with 10% sucrose solution into a beaker filled with a 30% solution of sucrose, what would you expect?

Question 23 options:

Water flows into the dialysis tubing.
Water flows out of the dialysis tubing.
Nothing happens.
Sucrose diffuses out of the tubing.
Sucrose diffuses into the tubing

Question 24 (2 points)

Question 24 Unsaved

While cooking dinner you spill olive oil all over your new T-shirt and jeans.  Not wanting them to be stained, you decide to wash both.  You throw the T-shirt in with a load of other “whites” and wash with hot water.  The jeans are new and a dark blue so you decide to wash them in cold water.  You use the same detergent and drying conditions for both the shirt and jeans.  When folding, you notice the T-shirt is nice and clean, however, the jeans still have a large oil stain.  Curious as to why that is, you develop a hypothesis.  Which of the following is the best hypothesis:

Question 24 options:

It is impossible to remove oil stains from new jeans.
Wash conditions have no impact on removal of oil stains.
Enzymes in the detergent work most effectively in cold water.
Temperature, wash cycle length and inclusion of fabric softener can all impact the ability to remove oil from stained clothes.


Question 25 (2 points)

Question 25 Unsaved

Which of the following elements is NOT a core component of DNA?

Question 25 options:


Question 26 (2 points)

Question 26 Unsaved

Which of the following statements about autism is true:

Question 26 options:

Research has clearly demonstrated that autism is the sole result of the MMR vaccine.
All cases or autism are caused by environmental pollutants.
The causes of autism is complex and no single contributor is responsible.
Genetics does not play a role in the development of autism.


Question 27 (2 points)

Question 27 Unsaved

If adenine makes up 20% of the bases in a DNA double helix, what percent of the bases are guanine?

Question 27 options:



Question 28 (2 points)

Question 28 Unsaved

A couple has two male children. What is the probability that their next child will be female?

Question 28 options:



Question 29 (2 points)

Question 29 Unsaved

Inheritable mutations, which may allow a population to evolve are produced ___________.

Question 29 options:

A ) by chance
B ) as a response to environmental
C ) as a response to selection pressure
D ) by natural selection
E ) by artificial selection


Question 30 (2 points)

Question 30 Unsaved

Dr. Kitty Hauke is studying lobsters in Maine.  She noticed that over several years the average length of pincers had increased within this population.  She hypothesized that having larger pincers provided a fitness advantage.  To test her hypothesis, she introduced 75 large pincer lobsters and 75 small pincer lobsters into an isolated bay area that was similar to the lobsters’ natural sea environment.  Over 10 years, Dr. Hauke observed this isolated population of lobsters.  What would she likely observe if her hypothesis was incorrect?

Question 30 options:

A)    The percent of lobsters with large pincers would decrease.
B)    There were fewer small pincer lobsters mating during mating season.
C)    More large pincer lobsters could be found mating during mating season.
D)    The percent of lobsters with large pincers would increase.


Question 31 (2 points)

Question 31 Unsaved

Certain fungi that are important in nutrient recycling because they release nutrients from dead organisms back into the ecosystem are _____________________.

Question 31 options:

A ) producers
B ) consumers
C ) decomposers
D ) recyclers
E ) feeders


Question 32 (2 points)

Question 32 Unsaved

What is the single greatest threat to biodiversity today?

Question 32 options:

Habitat destruction and fragmentation
Invasive species


Question 33 (2 points)

Question 33 Unsaved


This is a Tomato Hornworm, the caterpillar stage of the five-spotted hawkmoth (Manduca quinquemaculata). The white objects protruding from the back of the caterpillar are wasp eggs. When the larvae hatch they will feed on the worm.Which term best describes the relationship between the wasps and the Tomato hornworms?

Question 33 options:



Question 34 (2 points)

Question 34 Unsaved

Why do some scientists argue that viruses are non-living?

Question 34 options:

Viruses evolve
Viruses are able to reproduce
Viruses have an organized and complex structure
Viruses are not made of cells


Question 35 (2 points)

Question 35 Unsaved

Which of the following activities decreases greenhouse gases in the atmosphere?

Question 35 options:

A ) Cutting down trees.
B ) Driving gasoline powered vehicles.
C ) Using electricity from coal-powered plants.
D ) Planting trees.
E ) Heating your home.


Question 36 (2 points)

Question 36 Unsaved

How does high heat impact most enzymes?

Question 36 options:

Enzyme activity is decreased due to hydrolysis
Enzymes are inactivated due to denaturation
Enzyme activity is increased due to saturation
Since enzymes are temperature independent activity will remain the same.


Question 37 (2 points)

Question 37 Unsaved

If life on another planet were fundamentally like life on earth, the macromolecules of living things would be based on which element?

Question 37 options:

A.    Carbon
B.    Hydrogen
C.    Nitrogen
D.    Oxygen
E.    Phosphorus


Question 38 (2 points)

Question 38 Unsaved

Which of the following statements best describes the relationship between photosynthesis and respiration?

Question 38 options:

Photosynthesis occurs only in plants and respiration occurs only in animals.
Respiration is anabolic and photosynthesis is catabolic.
Photosynthesis stores energy in complex organic molecules, while respiration releases it.
ATP molecules are produced in photosynthesis and used up in respiration.
Photosynthesis produces energy, respiration uses energy.


Question 39 (4 points)

Question 39 Unsaved

Over a few beers, a friend tells you that mangoes have more vitamin C than oranges.  Having taking a nutrition class, you know that the amount of vitamin C is very well established and are dubious of your friends claim.  You therefore formulate a hypothesis: “Mangoes contain more vitamin C than oranges.” To test this hypothesis you measure vitamin C levels in 20 oranges and 20 mangoes from trees that were grown in the same orchard under the same environmental conditions (temperature, rain, sunlight). Select all statements that are true about this experiment.

Question 39 options:

The control group in the experiment is the oranges
The independent variable is temperature
The dependent variable is the vitamin C levels in the mangoes and oranges
The type of fruit is a controlled variable


Question 40 (10 points)

Question 40 Unsaved

A graduate student injects 10 mice with a chemical compound commonly found in the environment and finds that all of his animals die within a few days. Eager to publish his results, the student comes to you, his adviser. What would you suggest the student do before publishing his results? Help him design a controlled experiment. State a good hypothesis, describe the experiment, identify the control group, independent, dependent and controlled variables.

Question 40 options:

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