Which of these is not a component of a molecule of adenosine triphosphate (ATP)?

1. If we consider a gallon of gas as having 100 units of energy, and 25 of those units are used to move the car, what law of thermodynamics accounts for the other 75 units of energy? (Points : 2) the first law the second law 2. Which of these is not a component of a molecule of adenosine triphosphate (ATP)? (Points : 3) adenosine phosphate deoxyribose sugar ribose sugar 3. Glycolysis is a sequence of ______ chemical reactions. (Points : 3) nine six five ten 4. Exergonic reactions produce products with a ___ energy level than that of the initial reactants. (Points : 3) lower higher the same 5. When chemical X is reduced, which of these expressions would be an accurate representation of its reduced state? (Points : 3) XO XH X HX 6. Most enzymes are which kind of organic compound? (Points : 3) carbohydrates lipids proteins none of the above 7. The area on an enzyme where the substrate attaches is called the: (Points : 3) active site allosteric site anabolic site inactive site 8. Which of the following creatures would not be an autotroph? (Points : 3) cactus cyanobacteria fish palm tree 9. The process by which most of the world’s autotrophs make their food is known as: (Points : 3) glycolysis photosynthesis chemosynthesis herbivory 10. Plants are the only organisms that use ATP for the transfer and storage of energy. (Points : 2) True False 11. The colors of light in the visible range (from longest wavelength to shortest) are: (Points : 3) ROYGBIV VIBGYOR GRBIYV ROYROGERS 12. Chlorophyll is a green pigment because it absorbs only the green part of the visible light spectrum. (Points : 2) True False 13. The photosynthetic pigment that is essential for the process to occur is: (Points : 3) chlorophyll a chlorophyll b beta carotene xanthocyanin 14. A photosystem is: (Points : 3) a collection of hydrogen-pumping proteins a series of electron-accepting proteins arranged in the thylakoid membrane a collection of photosynthetic pigments arranged in a thylakoid membrane found only in prokaryotic organisms 15. Which of these molecules is NOT a product of the Electron Transport System? (Points : 3) ATP Water Pyruvate NAD+ 16. The dark reactions require all of these chemicals to proceed except: (Points : 3) ATP NADPH carbon dioxide oxygen 17. The structural unit of photosynthesis, where the photosystems are located, are called: (Points : 3) chlorophylls eukaryotes stroma thylakoids 18. Which of the following does NOT occur during the light independent process? (Points : 3) CO2 is used to form carbohydrates NADPH converts to NADP ADP converts to ATP ATP converts to ADP 19. The production of ATP that occurs in the presence of oxygen is called: (Points : 3) aerobic respiration anaerobic respiration chemiosmosis photosynthesis 20. The first stable chemical formed by the Calvin Cycle is: (Points : 3) RuBP RU/18 PGA PGAL

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