Why have some firms achieved greater reduction in carbon emission than others?

Research question: Why have some firms achieved greater reduction in carbon emission than others? Previous Hypothesis:“Firms developing effective business strategy for the reduction of carbon emission”. I have attached the excel spreadsheet so you have to filter the data which is related to strategy no matter it is country or companies and use it to prove the hypothesis. You have to use pie chart graphs etc in descriptive and in inferential T-Test is the must just take two groups : comparing the emission reduction between 2/ 3 groups –among firms of these countries (using strategy and without using stategyP.Chi square, spearmen, Pearson test etc if it is relevant by distinguishing whether it is parametric or non parametric. you need/ must include % of reduction in carbon emission for your analysis – eg based on your comparison of different groups – firms among US and EU that you intended.That reflects WHY some firms perform better that others in relation to your H – which you want to prove. Interpretation is the most important. please follow the template given and feel free to contact me for any doubts. thanks

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