Work Culture, “Why the gap?

The Discussion Board Forum for Week 7 is to enhance and develop our understanding of Organizational Culture. All resources for this assignment are available in the Course Resource Folder for Week 7.
STEP ONE: Read Chapter 17 Organizational Culture (G&J) and the article:

How Important is Corporate Culture?

STEP TWO: Watch the video: Work Culture, “Why the gap?”

STEP FOUR: Post to the Discussion Board Forum.  The goal of your post is to consider the connections between the readings, video and the chapter on organizational culture.  You may choose to highlight a particular quote or thought within Chapter 17 and/or the video which resonates with you.  You may also use this opportunity to introduce a new aspect or “ah-ha moment” you took away from the video/readings.
Your initial post (3-4 paragraphs minimum). 
In addition, please thoughtfully comment on two of your peer’s posts (i also uploaded tow person)

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